[ transfer placard ] to make the real estate stock to fall suddenly

to look for a long time that, the land supplies intense, the inhabitant purchasing power promotion, the housing suburb and the small family tendency, thedomestic fund were relatively abundant as well as the negative rate ofinterest environment and so on impels the house price rise the factor to exist as before together, contraction of credit had a more tremendous influence to the real estate market short-term, but the profession has not certainly had the radical reversal to the good factor, firmly favored room... hundred staffs wages to be behind in payment as before the Shanghai suburb new town construction: The construction conserves energy the land tosell the condition State Council to reiterate that, Endures buysthe growth inhabitant to purchase countryside "the small property right room" State Council office to reiterate that, The cities inhabitant did not have last year to buy small property right room Hong Kong to rise suddenly 15% star to unfold according to uncovers curve "to buy the building to collect rent the" foreign exchange exchange rate multitudinous organization opinion consistent: 2,008 Renminbi exchange rates... the eight groups of inhabitants . The city suburb work managed the person in charge the comprehensive summary in 2007 the inhabitant to demonstrate the construction work at the meeting, the arrangement had deployed 2008... the suburb working committee, various towns had to establish the specially operating mechanism, reassigned the specialist to be responsible, strictly worked the link, carried out each measure, modellast year the work experience, guarantees this year inhabitant to select the environment to renovate... but, also was allowed to read out the commodityapartment true demand from these policies not to still be under the suppression, the economy was suitable the room after all 60 square meter, factor and so on suburb , achieved with difficulty the majority inhabitant the standard which yearned forto the house. Reduces the monetary policy also with difficulty suppresses the inhabitant which the wealth grows day by day to the housing conditions improvement desire. More importantly, the market demand still...the is alleviates nonstaple food category rise in price and so on the pork lowly guarantees the influence to the city which the family brings, from August, the suburb lowly guarantees the single item to the city to increase sends 5 months eachperson of each month of 15 Yuan temporary... suburbs at present to altogether have lowly guarantees the object 5,467 people, according to each person of 110 Yuan standards, total provides the temporary subsidy nearly 630,000 Yuan. The fund originates except the central committee, the province, under the city level pulls out outside the special fund... the slowly to walk, sudden, detected the pedestrian was short all of a sudden have been very many, front looked likely was the suburb inhabitant area and so on, in any case also some people in front, we with. This time already was about noon 12 o'clock, approached under 40 high temperatures to walk in does not have the tree shade on the asphalt road. Gradually, the person are more and more few, is turning curved along the road surface, we completely enter this plot... In January, 2008 Ding twelfth branch (pig) year Lunar calendar in December second day We auditory dnesday News Information Abundant guest Digest Video frequency House Work Market Yellow page Forum Returns to the home page Returns to the home page Member center Intimate conversation In the station searches In station calendar Weather center Lottery ticket information Sells the room [ to tabulate broker to search management ] Rents a room [ hiring to ask to rent gathers rents search management ] The article [ tabulates search ] Issued the information edition information edition picture Canada does not have sorrow > 51 houses > to sell the room center > mostly the area > Richmond Hill > to examine the information Previous information next information The collection information information message recommends the friend to print this page [ First-class schoo furthest l district ] Bayview/Major Mack - Detached Transaction way: The broker acts the property quoted price: $5.39, million Information outline [ Serial number ] RM02598 [ Price ] $5.39, million [ Area ] Richmond Hill [ Position ] [ first-class school district ] Bayview/Major Mack [ Type ] Detached [ Style ] 2-Storey Clicks on the here to examine enlarges picture The collection information according to uncovers the computation to examine the map Detailed introduction [ First-class school district ] Bayview/Major the Mack two independent rooms, 4 lie 4 health 1 kitchen, the famous expert construct, the nearly 2,913 feet, the first-class quality, the solid wood floor, the earth storehouse completes, the comfortable easy person, worry-free to be bright, is called 530,000 **Bayview middle school Trades the room super preferential benefit! Dresses up the plate school district senior specialty! Senior platinum broker Shirley (416) 558-5899 (Are more welcome looks up news to www.realtorshirley.net ) Other information [ Property ] [ has not filled in ] [ Bedroom ] 4 [ Bathroom ] 4 [ Kitchen ] 1 [ Property room age ] [ Land tax ] [ has not filled in ] [ Basement ] has [ completes repair ] [ Management fee ] [ has not filled in ] [ Detailed address ] [ has not filled in ] [ Issue date ] on January 08, 2008 [ Term of validity ] two months Relation information [ Contact person ] poplar tree China [ Telephone ] 416-558-5899 [ Email ] mail address [ Spare telephone ] [ has not provided ] [ Below information - provides by - Neighbourhood123.com , only supplies reference ] the peripheral inhabitant [ Crowd ] social stratum G: The Chaoyang race, occupies entire Canadian inhabitants 9.77% [ Characteristic ] young staff member, new suburb inhabitant, commercial domain, rich vigor, richly colorful The middle class, the young family, the life bustles about. Many in industry and commerce domain work, trades the work is the daily family activity plain meal. They live in the suburb new community. They work diligently repay the home loan. Holds is this clansman spends biggest and the most important matter. I want the message Examination real estate broker information Poplar tree China Shirley Yang Platinum broker president big prize highest achievement prize #1 NEGOTIATOR! ONTARIO TOP3% MEMBER, PLATINUM CLUB MEMBER. TOP PRODUCER. Sales Representative The day gathers real estate Real One Realty Inc... Tel: 416-558-5899... Fax: 905-480-2111... realtorshirley@gmail.com... www.realtorshirley.net 416-558-5899 416-558-5899 Transmission mail Individual main page [ Examines this broker special edition ] More neighbor similar houses Leslie/Major Mack The broker acts $494,900 Bayview/Major Mac The broker acts $439,900 BAYVIEW high school big room Bayview/Major Mack The broker acts $589,000 [ Extremely good land sector ] Bayview/Major Mac The broker acts $430,500 Leslie/Major Mack The broker acts $594,000 Bayview/Macjor Mac. The broker acts $399,900 [ Noble community ] Yonge/Sunset Beach The broker acts $699,900 [ First-class school district ] Bayview/Major Mac The broker acts $439,900 [ Neighbor examination house map ] Sues this information to the manager Previous information next information The collection information information message recommends the friend to print this page This information issued the person pledged: Above the information (contains writing and picture) conforms to the Canadian correlation legal rule as well as the real estate broker profession standard, belongs to the legitimate authorization to post, issued the person is willing to undertake the complete responsibility for this. If you discovered does not work as the information, please the prompt notice home station processes, or the contact information issues the person. 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