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collects the sufficient policy-making information 2002-10-23 when constructs the enterprise the security overhead construction (like chart two), the priority target not too constructs the construction information security policy, but must establish a set to suit the security policy which the enterprise follows together, depends on a successi housebreak on of appraisal process. The enterprise organizes transport bus implementer iness policy and the work flow is first should consider, organization's operation, inevitably sends based on... to call our country keeps in stock the source of goods to be sufficient on November 01, 2007 the access: 3 this year continue the edible vegetable predisposition oil price which rises, have caused the country to send change the committee the attention. On 28th, the country sends changes the committee and the national grain bureau unites the issue notice, explicitly expressed our country edible vegetable oil stock more, the source of goods is sufficient , definitely may satisfy the market demand. Sends changes the committee also to indicate that... finance and economics Hainan oil price to break through 7 Yuan diesel oil supplies sufficient resident to respond tranquil (chart) by anonymous to Thursday, 2007-11-01 11:18 submits. Center the broad net seaport on November 1 the news (Reporter Zhu Lin) from today zero hour, sends according to the country changes the committee the notice, the Hainan gasoline, diesel oil retail salesbase each ton surrenders to the state 500 Yuan, 97... needed materials sufficiently go against the star T-945GCM market sale (chart) the author: Third media date: 2007-11-2 [ duplicates this placard address ] the 945GC chip group motherboard is present Intel platform basic level product on-line the most practical product, has provided to the 1066MHz processor main line as well as the DDR2667 memory support. But took the domestic famous big plant goes against the star very already to promote...

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wind. Free. Along with nature.

Wind. Free. Along with nature. Prompt: More than 24 characters (including 24) or 12 Chinese characters > duplicates > collects this page of Canada for the good friend Abundant guest home page Individual home page manages abundant guest me article my photo album my circle I to broadcast guest me the good friend to give me the message Individual information Management Xu Feng Introduces oneself Management Once literature youth Present geography teacher Music amateur Computer amateur Wenzhou literature website stationmaster In 2006 Wenzhou ten big charm networks person The younger sister washes the valuable shop Management --------------------------------------------- The younger sister washes the valuable shop (female attire children's clothing) --------------------------------------------- The good quality, the low price, clicks enters Vigor region Management Individual home page Manages the abundant guest My article My photo album My circle I broadcast the guest My good friend For me message Announcement Management looks at my writing my mood my singing shares my collection I am , free, . ... ... Article special edition Management Small peach fine love series Xu Fengbo the article selects The Xu wind poetry selects The wind flies upwards the knight-errant legend series Text categorization Management Newest article Newest message Newest commentary My east east Management MTV, KTV free download Free download MTV and KTV video frequency The domain name space, the website construction, the enterprise promote The small advantage stabilizes the station construction space, the international domestic domain name, the website manufacture, the enterprise access the net the promotion, other network services, clicks enters looks at the details According to needs the printing, a India Wenzhou literature network My individual website Xu Fengfan sings the main page Xu Fengfan sings main page 2 The Wenzhou abundant guest encircles Welcome to join! My QQ broadcasts the guest The younger sister washes the valuable shop (children's clothing female attire) Ultra low price Side friend Management Water central BLOG broken d flows Smiles welcomes the sunlight Small flower bud's abundant guest Female apprentice Pan Xiaoxiao 123 and small steamed bun growth diary Purple deep BLOG Happy is bright however Network friend Management er BLOG Institute road Dingxiang BLOG Yu Yan writing jail Goes far away Ge Duo Blue color mist and dust BLOG Super excrement blue Xia Liuyan Lovesickness graceful Shui Stick BLOG Very cruel Gaffey cat's BLOG Fish dream long BLOG Beautiful manatee's emotion alveolus time passage Hopes road - Ding Dingxi Xia Yu? the summer rain has approximately Not fortunately strong 20th solar term Si Rufeng BLOG September rose Resembles Shui Wuhen The song flutters the hut Xu wind network consultation room Management [ Literature knowledge consultation room ] [ Music song consultation room ] [ Computer numerical code consultation room ] [ Abundant guest question consultation room ] [ Geography knowledge consultation room ] Sharp abundant guest Management Welcome to enter the sharp abundant guest home page Surpasses India fast Management Copyright statement Management -------------------------------------------- Copyright statement -------------------------------------------- If must reprint my prose, please by all means must indicates my name Xu Feng and my abundant guest address in the reprint and informs me. In this abundant guest the partial pictures come from the network, if has encroaches upon your right also to ask the incoming letter to tell me. My mailbox: Visitor Good friend Counter Rss Recommendation subscription: Subscribes the RSS reading Content Management In data increase... Writes the abundant guest, the participation "my 2008-- I records basswood the activity", wins the cash big prize! The registration registers publishes the article Post! Edition This article participated in "my 2008- me to record" the activity rule 2007-10-17 00:19:19 Examines the abundant main integral Transmits AJDfon to garner votes short note ,1 Yuan/to 988,833 applications, does not contain the correspondence expense Label: I record move instantaneous art appreciation post waiting music story Huang Shujun lin Huiping the rouge buckle This is a song, is a section , also is a story. The story topic calls the post. The post lets the place which the person pauses. In the story man is called the water. Is the water cannot pause for who. In the story woman calls England. England is the flower. Falls the flower always to intend, the running water is actually heartless... ... 30 years waiting. Perhaps again meets, you could not again remember my then appearance; Perhaps again meets, also cannot again have the happiness which gathers; Since waited for cannot again have the result, Lets wait for into the final result... ... "Post" originally is a story, comes to disperse the anthology from Mr. Lin Qingxuan "Rose Seacoast" center, after the name is called "Waiting Platform" (original text to see). This first song is basic is slightly does the original text revises. Has removed the original text last the part. Has added on the lyrics which behind Lin Huiping sings. This first song , stems from the Taiwan song world renowned music talented person, poet singer Huang Shujun. From as soon as starts Huang Shujun low and deep several magnetic , Lin Huiping light humph turns on lathe the law to join afterwards , is joined to the touching beautiful lyrics to last the section of her moved sounds, has composed a perfect section of musics story, lets the person be sad. Is different with the lyrics, when original text conclusion, but also some section is anxious. If does not read the original text, perhaps we also have other the imagination which gets free of for the water. For example, before approximately good that day, the water unfortunately first England went. This imagination although is cruel, but said regarding England, or happy water certainly not negative she. But in the original text ending, we may know that, original English these 30 years waiting, all is unworthy. In English these 30 years waiting, that water, early already got married, had the child. Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 10 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities [ Transfers ] 100 Chinese classical songs Edition 2007-10-11 23:22:36 Label: The movie criticism/happy comments the classical music song 1. Does not have a thing in the world/Cui healthy song and poem/Cui Jian In 1986, Cui was in good health the first body performed when this first song has caused the stir, but his rock and roll special edition "On New long march Road " only then will be able to appear on the market until three years later, has caught up with the 80's tails, also was the 80's delimits a period. Initially the people which cheers in the first body probably have not realized, a their testimony epic poem birth. It pertinent has revealed Chinese's awkwardness: On the matter is rich and in mental happiness we always does not have simultaneously to have. Cui Jianxiang a prophet, had predicted hereafter in several years China's belief crisis, such result is very difficult to say is he sedulously for it. He was sings poet's determination with the throat. At this point, we still were unable to know, "did not have a thing in the world" how long the condition also could continue, but whenever, this first song could equally interrogate and torture us like the spirit the soul. It is a knife, also is a mirror. leathery 2. Asia's orphan/Luo Dayou song and poem/Luo Dayou The Luo Dayou love song always is in the best quality goods best quality goods, but his component heaviest work still factor these filled the social sense of justice and the historical sense of responsibility practical song. From "Affected over-literary style" in to traditional standard suspicion, to "Lugang Small Town" in to metropolis ostentatious confusing; In "72 Will change from" the Future Host "to the glorious future hope to Phenomenon" center to material life reconsidering; From "Will urge somebody to drink" in the opposite party country vicissitudes to recite chants "Asia's Orphan" in to national history closely examining, vertically and horizontally 90,000 miles, about in 5000, Luo Dayou the broad field of vision will be borrowing the writing and will shake person's music to launch in front of us. He thoroughly has overthrown "the popular song is the love affair" the stale judgment, promotes the Chinese popular song to a new stratification plane. Has other Yu Luo Dayou in other songs the lyrics thorough, the event numerous and diverse and tune wind leaping, "Asia's Orphan" simple, is direct, actually the deep atmosphere, in a pound majestic bearing is the grief and indignation question, not only faces directly, also will aim at the future. 3. Story of the Stone/reaches bright school of word/Mike, Chen Shao Qi, enters reads two tunes/Liu Yida Reaches the bright school is for 20 year Hong Kong song world most important music strength, although their phonograph record total sales volume are by no means most, but they sufficiently make any Hong Kong singers in the music achievement to blush with shame for it. They are the high Hong Kong song world different number, also is a pile miracle. "Story of the Stone" is in the Hong Kong popular happy history the first orchestra crown military song, has concentrated 120 chapter of unrivalled works by 144 characters "Hong Lou Meng", list by writing theory, when is for 20 years Chinese lyrics the best quality goods. Reaches the bright school to receive New - wave the influence, the makings does not conform to conventional pattern, the music is rigorous and also is not jerky, savors uniquely is actually unbiased, the intense aestheticism tendency and the modern modern makings must only be able to ap domestic pear in Hong Kong. They are for 20 year most complex musics creations body. 4. Same moonlight/Su Ruici/Wu Nianzhen, Luo Dayou tune/Li Shouquan "Builds Passes each other" the movie original sound big small dish is Chinese pop music history most is important also is the most splendid work. This phonograph record and Luo Dayou " Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 8 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities In October QQ Edition 2007-10-03 22:38:12 In October QQ: pours out sings in a low voice QQ signature: A youth all pay. Endures , traded has enjoyed liquor and music. The crane flushes the day Liu Yong In the yellow gold list, the partner loses the main item to look. The Ming Dynasty temporarily loses virtuously, how approaches? The attempted wind goes then, struggles crazily does not swing? Why must discusses loses. The talented person excellent poet, from is the white clothing minister. Fireworks , as agreed painting barrier. The good fortune has the loved one, endures looks. Also depends enjoys oneself with prostitutes, the loose matter, is always smooth. A youth all pay. Endures , traded has enjoyed liquor and music! Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 1 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities Last waiting Edition This article par furthest ticipated in "my 2008- me to record" the activity rule 2007-09-27 23:53:47 Examines the abundant main integral Transmits AJGfon to garner votes short note ,1 Yuan/to 988,833 applications, does not contain the correspondence expense Label: I record the emotion space literature/ poetry to wait for last time waits for Jiang Yuheng The old song, always can move the person. The under writing, only is becomes because of the song. Perhaps is not the poem, also calculates does not have own story. One The fall had to come Ye Yaoluo Liked having to walk Two You said we are the child which the nighttime roams about Hope daybreak, also will be afraid the future Such love, actually cannot love You said you are unable to undertake too endure patiently Facing helpless, empties from is sorrowful Such tired, like this is difficult to suffer I am the tree, you actually are not that cane vine May mutually pester, interdependence You are the flower, I actually am not that butterfly May heartily hug, enjoys the splendor which the life blooms We are only the horizon remote two clouds Faces one another by far, indefinite waiting Three Last waiting The tea has been cool, person future The tear has done, mark also in 2007.09.27 Last waiting Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 12 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities Who is whose direction Edition This article participated in "my 2008- me to record" the activity rule 2007-09-24 00:17:21 Examines the abundant main integral Transmits AJGfon to garner votes short note ,1 Yuan/to 988,833 applications, does not contain the correspondence expense Label: I record the emotion space literature/ poetry Whose melancholily grows in the night? Whose lonely roams about in the night? Whose lonely sings in the night? Dark night of mood, If flowered opening abundantly puts, Beautiful and is sad. Autumn leaf, In whose heart withered and yellow? Flutters swings, cannot seek the direction... ... 2007.09.24 Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 9 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities Bird and fish's distance Edition 2007-09-19 00:09:07 Label: Artistic appreciation bird and fish Tagore uneven Henan love You are the lonely wandering fish, Every day is singing the lonely song in the blue color sea level; I am the bird which dissolutely drifts about, Is seeking the strange road all day long in the blue color sky. How can the bird fall in love with the fish? We already lose in the different world... ... Bird and fish Qi Yu I am the fish you am the bird Or is you time loses speed wanderingly Or is I time look arounds the attention Which comes this not to favor with loves You are brave my fate You are the bird which may perch in all directions I was have not already had the body temperature fish Blue sky blue sea Thanked has thanked me and you Any world! Four seasons! Day and night! An any sea day color Hell heaven Evening drum morning bell Always together Forever apart Cannot rest night Cannot awake morning How does the spring flower know the autumn the fruit How was today unable to withstand forgives yesterday the dusk to be blind How does the bird love How can fall in love with in the water fish Bird and fish Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 3 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities Where Cheng Chou Edition This article participated in "my 2008- me to record" the activity rule 2007-09-12 16:55:05 Examines the abundant main integral Transmits AJGfon to garner votes short note ,1 Yuan/to 988,833 applications, does not contain the correspondence expense Label: I record the emotion space informal essay/ leave Tang Duoling Song Wu Wenying Where synthesis worried? To will of the people in fall. Vertical Japanese banana, not rain also whish whish. All said the late cool weather is good, has the bright moonlight, feared ascends the building. In the age dream rests, flowered spatial smoke current of water. Yan Cigui, guest still . The weeping willow does not entangle the skirt , inundates the causeway, the department good boat. September QQ: He?cheng worried. In 2007 Beginning of Autumn: On August 8 5 o'clock 31 minute. In your also deep sleep that before dawn time-sharing, autumn already quietly came. Was gradually cool. Where synthesis worried? To will of the people in fall. Leaves, is not the realistic distance criterion weight. If falls in love the person daily meets as before, actually no longer has the kiss, no longer has the hug, even links the look the exchange all no longer to have. Between this leaves distance, also compared to although doesn't live far apart actually each other missing to come far? Leaves, Is not your I , Is not your I respectively rushes the horizon. But is, I stand as before in in-situ, Your actually again also blind I... ... Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 6 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities Such blank Edition This article participated in "my 2008- me to record" the activity rule 2007-09-12 16:52:30 Examines the abundant main integral Transmits AJGfon to garner votes short note ,1 Yuan/to 988,833 applications, does not contain the correspondence expense Label: I record the emotion space informal essay/ the uneven Qin blank mood feeling "Blank". Is called "the wind such blank" August QQ. Let me remember the Qi Qin this first song. I put it on in the abundant guest's article, lets it automatically broadcast. Today looked to the abundant guest on that, discovered the original link already expired, in hundred already could not find this first song the effective link. Very many old beautiful things, this this are meaningful and permanent. However actually was more and more difficult to look in this world. This world change too quick, this world is easy to get rid with forgets. I am a person which remembers past times, until now I also am keeping junior middle school's memorandum. How many photographs can have I to never forget like this to an old song past event? Refound this first song, on passes to in own individual website. Now at least three years could not expire. Repeatedly is listening, felt oneself by this first singer fan on. Is a song actually good listens, incompletely lies in the melody to lie in the lyrics, but lies in listener's heart, listener's sentiment. This afternoon, a person sits in the room repeatedly is listening to Qi Qin this "Blank", suddenly discovered, August QQ actually very much suits present the feeling. ... ... Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 4 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities My first turns sings the video frequency work Edition 2007-08-28 14:48:05 Label: The video frequency demonstrated Xu Fengfan sings the music song "Said Don't Again You Are loving Me", I manufacture first video frequency. The document quite is big, when broadcast may first according to the suspension. After and so on the complete cushion broadcasts again can quite be smooth. Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 6 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities In August QQ Edition 2007-08-27 16:02:32 Label: The leisure lives the qq uneven Qin blank In August QQ: blank QQ signature: I did not know any is a love, often is in the heart blank; I did not know any is a love, any will be the past and the future. Clicks on the here examination original text The fixed link commentary ( 0 ) quotes reading ( ) the circle edition to have the prize to report to the authorities two "Wanli 15 Years" HIGHLIGHT! ! 2007-11-1 Lin Qingxia the father says goodbye to type Song Chuyuto send offers a sacrifice to Ma Yingjiu to consider the attendance (chart) 2007-11-1 Qi and Lu evening news: But is plays the ticket 2007-11-1 material picture: "Entire family General mobilization" the Nanjing electoral district is splendid instantaneous(2) 2007-11-1 daughter red concert Yang 1000. fierce tvb female entertainer... therefore took this already theme ~ looks '' to cough the god '' brother already blogY surface already teaching, the real department is extremely good, does not have goes against! But is the little brother no talent, must draw well bears.. Looks left "to enter reads two " newest performance, all along writes freely, ridicules, does not need the surface, to pt. Has themanner, the maintenance standard 2,007 Yahoo! Hong... range estimate was allowed to remove the 12 hedron, two . feasible, so long as considered tetrahedron and octahedron are whether feasible, has a liking for on as if also the feasible appearance, because the continually center may result in eight, may result in including the vertex angle four, so long as thought several whether combines -odd under are partial divides into four or eight... ... Dizziness, baseless... "to split out this flag at first, actually was Hong Kong" enters reads two "artistic inspector general Mr. Rong Nianzeng, his at that time wanted to make the experimental play, but has not grasped to the play, asked me to cooperate, they did the experimental play emphasized the visual effect. To this kind of experimental pattern, I certainly do not repel, but I only do oneself think the appropriate play." In on the play innovation road... is called the Hong Kong culture outstanding person's theatrical troupe "to enter reads two " recently performs "Hong Kong Television Wind and cloud" the series, including two plays, was "wireless you is noisy not?" .. Is called the Hong Kong culture outstanding person's theatrical troupe "to enter reads two " recently performs "Hong Kong Television Wind and cloud" the series, including two plays, was "wireless you is noisy not?" ... The enter read in two >>. multi- Aomen philharmonic orchestra Aomen the philharmonic orchestra Aomen East culture art group Aomen dawn angle modern drama to grind society trail violet >> to be more about our | copyright stated | relates our Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao culture information network all rights reserved, without authorization, please do not reprint or the establishment mirror image, the offender must investigate...

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classification information >> >> to look for missing persons theenlightenment with city >> firmly to go against the information temporarily not firmly to go against the classified information! The classified information >> >> looks for miss housebreak ing persons the enlightenment temporarily not subordinate classification with city temporarily not to have information unexpectedly price place classification information China Kazak Ford business school Huang Shih to supply water the rescue picture recommendation information to sell leaves unused ADSL Kimberley to invite the shop employee port to send the second-hand vehicle... point of view enlightenment to record Tags: The foreign exchange earnest money earnest money knowledge issued that, Mew | classification: The inves thereon tment crosses the threshold | the commentary: 0 | quotations: 0 | browsing: Clicks on here to gain this diary the TrackBack quotation address thread: What holds the plate most important skill is? (2007-11-1 19:49:45) my time cityattainment series ZT... serial number: 9.043711million issues time: 2007-11-2 20:30:16 employment advertise school record: Technical college salary: Limitedly discusses in person the Beijing chain real estate almagest broker presently to invite the manager to advertise for the population 15 person of wages treatments 1,200 Yuan/month of + commissions (non- responsibility basic salary, probation period in February) advertises for requests 1. Below the age reach 20 full years old of,30 fullyears old, male and female... who to move my cheese enlightenment "Han Hong to express sedulously flattered can appear lacks regarding the music sincerity. Outside if has no intention, an orchestra, a piano, a guitar as well as are simple.. Who has moved my cheese enlightenment besides "Dawn" and so on the golden tune, Han Hong already had at present determined "will remember past times the link" center to have in many, the English old song, I will obtain including "...

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world sealed the god legend | second volume month to 2029 just to walk according to the snow hut se

three people to the courtyard in, long extremely big young people passed through said: "You are the person which a that move of bang falls the planetoid ? Looks like that emaciated, I must compete with with you.. The count very is also direct, "your excellency should know that planetoid the origin? That planetoid is the Vatican unites the release with 80 bishops ruling the god. The goal does not need my... multi- solar system, besides nine planets, between Mars and Jupiter orbit, but also has approximately 500,000 pictures big planets such to circle the solar movement along the elliptic orbit the small heavenly body. Thesesmall heavenly bodies are called as the planetoid . the on-line movie accordin g to the statistics, has at present registered in the book planetoid surpasses 8,000. This time flushes Japan "the lead" , was in 1801 has planted full love planetoid B612 by Italian... I to be unable to guarantee whether they do achieve in nearly but do not receive the movement from the launch the planetoid attractive effect." The person are many is the strength big! Qi Yue unable to restrain deeply by , slightly.. Otherwise has the possibility to be unable to make that planetoid deviation track." Qi Yue thinks, road: "This question certainly is not very difficult to solve. In this world, but also some partial... Earth if collides everybody with the planetoid not to know, has groundless fears is nonessential Post by yuhuashi on 2007, September 17, 12:32 PM Earth if is interesting with the planetoid collision, then, if the planetoid arrived is the speech, Earth's biology can encounter the total destruction That reallywas Earth weekend! Post by... the planetoid B612 in this star diary day cold... day cold... Stella to publish coldly to 2007-11-03 22:15:23 day The mother injunction said must have the soup Thereupon early morning and LAN have gone to the food market, west area food market good small, the person actually many I stand in the crowd a face at a loss, luckily... light star's ray only having the lethality to the dark biology, satisfies the need .and arrogantly repairs country's the evil spirit race actually not to play the role, therefore, the road .leads arrogantly to repair the country battleship and the interspace war fort is immediately among closes up to the river, suppresses the dragon space alliance army in a piece thevoid region which is composed by the innumerable planetoids , in here, because everywhere is a planetoid , moreover each one is solid incomparably, Is... the outer space, two, three kilometers diameters planetoids swaggering flew, this is a ferroguinous planetoid , the hard degree compared the granite to be possible mostly. In the Arab League German heart as soon as moves, the thought everywhere, knows the god to puncture the electricity to shoot, effortlessly drilled the planetoid abdomen. "Explodes" the character exportation along with Arab League German, sees the planetoid the body suddenly to inflate, 1... edition: Young Shi in the near future hot word video frequency search: Chang E a female richest family Beijing subway typhoon Putin theNobel prize country big theater discusses towards Han to the friend has a look: .. The vigilant office small problem two monkeys early love flee snuggle up to warm up the great pot to be hanging in 5 meters upper airs running water unceasingly are connectedthe video frequency video frequency: Inner Mongolia receives solar system gift...

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to retrieve

[ retrieval correlation ] [ proxy to be connected ] [ Chinese number chart ] [ other correlat puncture ions ] penchant [ version service ] [ foreign language number chart ] [ I to ask you answer ] retrieve the method to explore : ... [ Retrieval correlation ] a speech retrieval skill collection activity (+2) [ 12345. 17 ] any knife 2006-08-23 32.327014 million 2007-11... you current IP not in the permission scop lynchburg e, cannot currently carry on the retrieval . to be possible to retrieve the resources to tabulate (11) the resources choice prompt:The system approval simultaneously chooses 20 resources to carryon the retrieval resources famous full text to introduce the resources famous full text introduced Academic Research Library (UMI academic periodical library database) (Proquest) Academic Source... retrieval center Jan distinguishes the topic retrieval todecide the topic analysis retrieval center synopsis literature to retrieve the full text provides the retrieval proof literature resources research scientific data research strategic intelligence research Chinese medicine standard to study the Chinese Chinese medicine information magazine China medicine digest - Chinese medicine international Chinese medicine Chinese native medicine magazine graduate student to educate continuing education training conference... home page standardization news standardization dynamic standard retrieval reference on-line bookstore advisoryservice policy laws and regulations enterprise about our user: Password: altogether constructs unit Wuxi city engineering supervision information research institute Ningpo city standardization research institute Harbin standard information research institute China...

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male boss promote? - Works nation number o

approximately to have three kind of types in the ability very strong feminine staff, one is ambitious, everything , is a shrewd schemer; Two is toils in low spirits , the result is prominent, but not too pays attention to the big environment the change; Three is the natural talent intelligent, the work accomplishes a task with ease, but quite is sloppy, right "the official career" not spare a glances. In these three kind of types, most cannot promote is Class Three, because... everybody believed, Youth Corps Committee conducts such activity, both has enriched everybody cultural life, and in was happy has grasped the technical knowledge, simultaneously increased the workworking zeal, and indicated in abundance, had to compete in the athletic field enthusiasm to do on the post the power, solidly toiled , the selfless offer, for captured the fourth quarter to fight a decisive battle the total victory to make the member youth's positive contribution. The Shandong Province enterprise... she to be elected in the area has not certainly toiled , instead very already announced does not participate in this session of areas parliament election. This airborne was once applies for synthesis , also declared attends the Hong Kong Island legislature seat special election what. She thought this chooses the war is "55 waves" (is difficult to expect victory and loss), but the announce candidacy certainly acted in a reprehensible manner has wanted , I faced one another with thematch relational also non- enemy. Ye Guoqian in... therefore, the author appeals the farmer friends: Toils also wants , slack farming season time many reads reads the newspaper reading to own cerebrum charge, can more than 1 harvests. At the same time, also hoped the department concerned pays attention to the farmer to enter a city training. (2007-11-2 "West sea Agriculture Min Bao" an edition author: The Chen immortal) edits: The snow reads the heartbead commentary pen name: Publication title: The correlation... News | society | finance and economics | automobile | real estate | sports | NBA | entertainment | star | numerical code | life | woman | game | traveling | community | mail | VGO | television | theater Current position: 21CN home page > financial finance and economics > wealth > main text How starts an undertaking the rich and powerful people to earn the first barrel gold 2007-10-17 16:40:07 as soon as manages finances the net [ Browsing words: Big center is small ] The search starts an undertaking information >>> Dell: Sells the newspaper to sell the valuable horse Opens in him with is selling the white valuable horse-drawn vehicle which newspaper the money gains, the back seat is carrying three computers, after becomes Texas University in addition kind of big students soon, he realized will become the 20th century most important tools to the computer, own faced with a very big opportunity. At that time, the computer and so on all big factories all chose including the Apple Computer and IBM through the dealer sells the computer, but the Michael Dell wanted to rely on directly sells this more effective way to provide a better value and the service for the customer, and the hope borrowed this to become this line of outstanding people. In 1984, the Michael Dell left school from the school, has opened own company in Austin approximately 93 square meter offices, named for "the Dell computer company". Supports the school days the Michael Dell drum to pound computer the fund, comes from which starts from 16 years old to sell the newspaper to him the extra-curricular work. That year summer, he is responsible is "the Houston Postal Newspaper" strives for the subscriber. The newspaper office gives him a thick telephone number this, lets him hit the telephone whereabouts customer to sell. But the Michael Dell soon on discovered in the sales promotion that, some two kind of people nearly certainly can be willing to subscribe the newspaper: One kind was just marries, another kind just moves in the new house. After that, after he investigates discovered, lover when marriage certainly can in the court registration address, moreover some companies can defer to housing loan money sum to reorganize loan applicant's name list. Thereupon, he tried to find solution to do periphery the local these two kind of people's material, directly mailed a letter to them, provides the subscription newspaper the material. Through this way, the Michael Dell same year maked 18,000 US dollars, this not only enable him to have the ability to purchase more computers, after also enlightened the another day to create "compared to the customer had understood customer" the market subdivided the strategy. Chen over-bridge: 5 years achievement first rich and powerful people 31 year-old youths, have only used short 5 year, has become the mainland China first rich and powerful people. The grand network which goes on the market in Nasdaq announced the financial report form for the first time, second days, the Chen over-bridge held the stock market value to achieve approximately 1.11 billion US dollars (were equal to 9 billion Yuan), surpassed the net to be easy to initiate the person rock pile, became the incumbent Chinese richest families. The short 5 years start an undertaking in the time, his wealth 18,000 times! The Chen over-bridge charm only then starts in the conversation to appear, he is serious in speech and manner, the happy angry shape to the color, is not blazing with anger, has with the age not symmetric maturity. Spoke the words fast very quick, eloquence steady, the mentality is meticulous also the language multi- analogies, the logical thinking and the thinking in images unifies very much well in his brain. Said with the Chen over-bridge speech that, he today the network entertainment industry eldest child's status, all is the source from several year center "idea". The work has not attracted the Chen over-bridge too long time to the negotiable securities company, but in that several years, he has completed the life two important transition: One, finds a madame in the negotiable securities company's colleague, two was the stock market "5.19" in the blowout quotation has dug up the first barrel gold in 1999, he used 500,000 Yuan, founded the grand network. Yang Bin: Quick half racket idea In 2001, when Yang Bin appeared in the same year "Forbes" in the Chinese rich and powerful people order list, when placed high occupied two, many people were startled, because of Before this, Yang Bin was everybody not once has heard the name. Regards as a wealth dark horse reality Yang Bin not excessively. Yang the Bin present status is Hong Kong goes on the market company Europe and Asia agriculture chairman of the board. The Yang present age 38 years old, native place Hunan, 5 years old namely become the orphan, depends on is a beggar grows up. According to Yang told "18 year old of before any painstakingly all has eaten." Yang has become a soldier, in 1987 went to Holland to study abroad, 27 years old started to have own company. The Yang gain of fame and fortune beginning the Eastern European great change which starts in at the end of 1980s the beginning of 90's, its first barrel Jin Juezi at the beginning of 1990s with the Eastern European country, like former Soviet Union, Romania, Poland and so on carries on transnational trade. Borrows Eastern Europe the drastic change opportunity, Yang to country and so on the Poland, Russia resells China to plan the fixed price, the price somewhat low cotton thread product, latter develops textile and so on ready-made clothing, the wool profit mostly above 5 times, in 23 years Yang accumulated the about 20 million US dollars wealths. From 1992 to 1995 period, Yang Gai to domestic resells the Dutch fresh flower, simultaneously approaches the domestic sales promotion to import the Dutch greenhouse and the cold storage equipment. The domestic flowers and plants industry just started when continually the greenhouse all had to import, Yang from this accumulated the about 400 million Renminbi wealths. In comparison, if removes in Hong Kong goes on the market, the Yang Europe and Asia agriculture, the benefit which produces to Yang extremely is so far limited. Wang Yusuo: Does approaches the family Not only new Austria fuel gas Wang Yusuo, Chinese mulberry fuel gas Shen Jiasang, UT Si Dakang Wu Ying, Asian letter Ding Jian, Tian Suning and so on all visible are representative. Preceding period of time, eastern bloc (correlation, quotation) grand also attempts through to ally lucky passes closes up vigorously to this goal. So-called does approaches the family, is closes up to the monopoly profession, makes the monopoly profession to approach the family. The monopoly food is most delicious, the monopoly profession money best gains, this is the well known truth. If can eat monopolizes the food, even if only shares remnant thick soup cold rice outside, also exceeds the abalone birdnest. All is the day fuel gas profession which "Forbes" in 2001 the Chinese rich and powerful people announcement places 55th Wang Yusuo and places 90th Shen Jiasang when increasing the family fortunes relies on, but "Forbes" in 2001 the Chinese rich and powerful people announcement places the 67th Wu hawk, all is the telecommunication profession which as well as places 77th Ding is in good health increases the family fortunes when relies on. In China, the day fuel gas and the telecommunication are two big professions which highly monopolizes by the government. Wang Yusuo is born to Hebei , three college entrance examinations fail an admissions examination, from this time on gives up the college entrance examination, starts to make a small-scale business. Wang Yusuo sells the sunflower seed, has sold the beer, but also sells female has used the seersucker vest. The king also has been a plastics plant clerk, but all has not gained to any money. In 1986 the Spring Festival, business defeat Wang Nazhuo 100 dollars, prepared to rent a car run the transportation, had not thought place others did not have to rent a car. The king in time, suddenly thought at a loss turns over the fuel gas to be able to make money, thereupon the halfway changes course to arrive Renqiu. The concrete process it is said is such: First stays the king after Renqiu, afternoon goes to on the street the idle extension, saw has the vegetables company to sell the steel cylinder, asked a surname Sister Fan old has been angry, and the approximately good evening has met. Evening, the king has bought the apricot which a bag just got down, rode the bicycle which rented to ask surname Sister Fan to go. As soon as knocks on a door, the gate has opened, the king as soon as looked has been shocked, originally is he has rescued a person. That person said that, The jade lock, how have you come, how don't you say the sound hello? The king said that, eldest brother, how is your family? "Eldest brother" said. From this time on the question solved. King also henceforth a joy after sorrow village. "Eldest brother" first let the king pick set of equipment to go back, then responsibly gave the king by "eldest brother" to relate the gas. The king is riding the bicycle which borrows, pulls the equipment returns the native place, as soon as put toward oneself retail shop, has pasted a bulletin: On this thing, who buys, you first hand over the money which 12 pots was mad, a 10 dollars pot, is 120. "An my this thing set is 120. Hands over 240 dollars, I remember very clearly. Actual my this gas is a junction money, like this I not on many some funds? Moreover, in addition the profit, an at that time set makes more than 40 dollars." Prepares food burns the fuel gas, that time even if regarding many people from Beijing said also has the method the symbol, much less is in Hebei . King's bulletin pastes, the customer immediately , at that time has registered 7, 8 sets; Several days time kings sell more than 40 sets, only gains more than 1,000 Yuan. This is Wang Yusuo the first barrel gold which digs up from the fuel gas, by monarch in "eldest brother" under the help, often runs Renqiu, aims at the fuel gas, "states decisively the green hill not to relax", finally builds the fruits of virtue, becomes China famous "the fuel gas big king" and the big rich and powerful people. Shi Yuzhu: Gambling On the body has the gambler makings the Chinese private enterpreneurs have one large quantities of, but among them the biggest gambler is Shi Yuzhu. For several years history always is the Chinese economy man of the hour. In in the 1990s first arrivals 90's intermediate stages Chinese 10 big rich and powerful people announcement, the history or only 11 the rich and powerful people which depend on the knowledge to increase the family fortunes. History native place in Anhui Huaiyuan. In 1984 the history graduated from the Zhejiang University math department, assigns to the Anhui Province statistics bureau. Because works splendidly, in 1986 the Anhui statistics bureau thought the history talented person is rare, includes it the cadre third echelon to deliver to the Shenzhen University software science management is reads the graduate student, the graduation comes back is the steady office level cadre. The average person all thought the history has a very successful official career, the future resembles the brocade, but widened the field of vision after Shenzhen, simultaneously is Shi Yuzhu which Shenzhen "everywhere the money" moves, after the deep big graduate student graduates the first matter which does unexpectedly is resigns. Has encountered the leader, family member's consistent opposition for this, but the history is duty-bound not to turn back, the M-6401 tabletop language processing system which very quickly brings it when to be reading graduate student develops to return to Shenzhen. Returns to Shenzhen the history to be penniless, only can stay overnight in somebody's home to the deep university student dormitory, cannot buy the computer compilation procedure, then uses "practices trickery" the technique to pretend to be the deep university student to mix in the student computer laboratory, after by the administrative personnel was discovered the pursuit, the history arrives through the acquaintance the disposition to have the computer the school office, the others gets off work he to go to work, toils daily before dawn. In 1989 the summer, the history confessed oneself develops the M-6401 tabletop language processing system took the product already was mature, then used under 4,000 Yuan contract which in the hand only had the Tianjin University Shenzhen brain. This although the name actually does not have a computer for the electricity brain, only some business license. At that time Shenzhen computer price cheapest also took 8,500 Yuan. For to the customer demonstration, the propaganda product, the history decided bets, increases price 1,000 Yuan prices to obtain postpones pays money for half month-long "the preferential benefit", buys on credit a computer. By this way, if the history has not received within the half a month, cannot pay in full the computer fund, not only will buy on credit the computer to need to return, 1,000 Yuan deposit also will lost all. In order to opens the software sale as soon as possible, the history had thought hits the advertisement. His under gambling stake, makes the mortgage again by the software copyright, on first makes the advertisement after "Computer World" to pay money, the promotion budgets the total 17,550 Yuan. On August 2, 1989, the history on split out half version in "Computer World" the advertisement, "M-6401, historical breakthrough." After the advertisement publishes, the history runs the post office to read the money order daily, the entire person is nearly crazy for it. Until the 13th upper margin in, the history finally receives the money order, is not, but was at the same time has come several. The history is long a tone. Hereafter, the remittance then like snowflake generally flies, to the same year mid-September, the history sales volume topped 100,000 Yuan. The history pays in full completely goes into debt, regoes to -odd under money the advertisements propaganda, after 4 months, the M-6401 tabletop language processing system sales volume tops 1 million Yuan. This is the history first barrel gold. Hereafter, the history makes persistent efforts, also Lu Ji develops M-6402, continuously arrives the M-6405 Chinese card, obtains the huge success. But the history also pays the serious price for this, also if divorces including the wife. The history develops after M series Chinese character processing system in the success, sees the real estate and the healthy product is profitable, also starts to change the position to make the real estate and the healthy product, develops the brain gold, continuously "the giant event" the appearance, Shi Yuzhu the building will lean, will stage a comeback. The history attained the Zhuhai second session of science and technology in 1993 to reward generously , the Zhuhai government rewards its Austria to enlighten passenger vehicle 1, a three room hall 103 square meters housing set, the bonus 630,000 Yuan, caused the national stir. Shi Congda in the advertisement gets to know the benefits of, later take the high density advertisement bombing as the main characteristic "Shi marketing study", continuously will pass through Shi Yuzhu the commercial activity throughout, and was rage for a while in the domestic enterprise. Three Wu Bingxin, love many Hu Zhibiao, Qin Chi Wang Zhuosheng, Ji Changkong, Kazak kind Guo Liwen and so on, all is from Shi Yuzhu the place stealing scholarship, some also performed to carry forward. Theory, Shi Citao take the advertisement as the central marketing philosophy, until now in domestic still had the certain market in good conscience and the certainly practical value, delivered the profit to these single items product not to be high in particular, needed to depend upon the large amount sales volume to be able to guarantee the profit the product, like each kind of healthy product, daily use articles product, food, domestic electric appliances and so on, the effect is gets quick results. The history may be called the home "the advertisement bombing" founder. "Steals from Shi Yuzhu place incurs", has helped Chinese large quantities of private enterpreneurs, also has injured Chinese large quantities of private enterpreneurs. Afterwards three, Qin Chi, the love multi- and so on all suffered has sent and giant's same destiny, but, the history which was more miserable than Shi Yuzhu also had one day which staged a comeback, Hu Zhibiao, Wang Zhuosheng, person and so on Ji Changkong, actually until now did not know where hesitated. Analyzes Shi Yuzhu to start an undertaking the experience, for the person the most deep impression is not his advertisement bombing, but is his gambling. Starts an undertaking in the experience in Shi Yuzhu, the gambling played the vital role in among. In Zhang Simin, person's on the and so on Wu Zhijian body, we also all can see the same gambling. "Science Investment" discovered that, "the gambling" is stronger general character which nearly is all has an achievement. "Science Investment" believed that, "the gambling" with the relations which starts an undertaking, is worth further studying (Origin: Chinese finance) The article content purely is the author individual viewpoint, only refers for the investor, certainly does not constitute the investment suggestion (Edition: Small Kazak ) (More finance and economics news, please pay attention to 21CN finance and economics frequency channel) Next: Invests 50,000 Yuan standard widths fat bodies female attire shop Related news: Starts an undertaking searches other - [ News brief ] starts an undertaking the board index entire date to report 1,503.8 points to rise 21.85 points 2007-10-17 16:14:55 - Tianjin starts an undertaking the environmental protection stock to fall the broken 10 day average lines, the retribution in this life 4.54 HK dollars, falls 3.4% 2007-10-17 14:30:17 - Will start an undertaking the board to profit from Nasdaq to experience 2007-10-17 11:54:55 - The health branch starts an undertaking the retribution in this life 0.095 HK dollar, is the date wave amplitude reaches 10.95% 2007-10-17 11:38:24 - Tianjin starts an undertaking the environmental protection stock to fall the broken 50 day average lines, the retribution in this life 4.59 HK dollars, falls 2.34% 2007-10-17 11:20:29 - Hong Kong starts an undertaking board index entire date to report 1,,521 falls 21.98 points or 1.42% 2007-10-15 16:48:49 - starts an undertaking (HK) or organizes 3 billion HK dollars bank consortia to loan 2007-10-15 14:41:57 Harley baud and phoenix society Why do 30 seconds initially kiss scold a sound piece? 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