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to look at steadily is staring at she, again slow also had responded, much less was away from at most 30 centimeters, or face-to-face. Ha-ha, the small face starts to exude red, the mouth a little rose, also started including the eye to speak. Starts not to dare to regard, two only are stares at the tread; After that occasionally can cast a glance 12, had to be same as if with your duel, has filled the suspicion, when little girl shyly... constipation this question not simple - constipation - north network - health, the metabolite for a long time stagnated to the digestive tract, the bacterium function produces the massive deleterious substances, like the methane, the phenol, the ammonia and so on, these material partialproliferations entered the central nervous system, disturbed the cerebrum function, the prominent performance was the memory drops, theattention disperses, the thought is slow and so on. 6. Constipation itself certainly cannot have the fatal danger, but if the trouble has a mind the blood vessel of brain disease... "the system to be at excessively wears the condition, is just like drives when always starts stops, you need not to stop for the oil, step on the braking," he said, "continuously for a long time hence, your bodily counter- strain slowly , the foreign change will be unablerapidly to make the response." The male shares the person when is in under the pressure, by the adrenal gland secretes the cortisol. Usual in one day person's cortisol level [ duty field life ] non- accountant specialized makes the finance in early morning... to cry loudly in the home, after year to year travels on official business the working overtime yearly salary 100,000 work to resign, has filled confusedly to the oneself future development, said is the financial work must to the numeral sensitive, I not only am insensitive, moreover very is also slow Even if like this, I diligently earnestly treat the work, because is since childhood so-called "good student", does not like the curriculum also equally can obtain also calculates may... Specially prompts: This placard representative has gained nothing individual viewpoint, does not represent the people's net viewpoint. If uses in other media publications this article, please with author or powerful nation community relation. China always is slow very, this has an advantage [ Has gained nothing ] to 2008-01-05 17:12:38 on placard [ sends short note ] Signature files I am a stupid person, always considered does not have the problem to come, own thought 1,000 time always has obtained. Reply relations: Recently had had the quite several matters, above all very much silences The partner thought this kind of silence is one kind of strategy, but is very fearful [ Individual will 2008-01-05 17:09:18 ] 36 characters [ 0./244/3 million ] Agreement. Should be this. If is not the strategy silence, then is similarly fearful [ the Zhu righteousness 2008-01-05 17:15:36 ] 0 characters [ 0/,5/0 ] China always is slow very, this has an advantage [ to have gained nothing 2008-01-05 17:12:38 ] 45 characters [ 0/5,5/1 ] Your ~~~ you ~~ are you such always how bright? ? ? [ I am county magistrate send 2008-01-05 17:48:11 ] 0 characters [ 0/,2/0 ] Thanks, you are this article 56th read | Voting | | suit | Hot placard order list The heat comments the order list The net picks the order list Debate order list Community mailbox:

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